I amsterdam

I started my day in Dubai, hitting a breakfast buffet for a quick bite to hold me over until my flight.  It was crowded, so I joined another solo traveller, who just happened to be an Italian man from Venice.  I already love international travel —  I’ve seen a beautiful tapestry of people, and heard various languages, all in the last two days.  It’s fantastic.

The flight to Dubai was on a Boeing 777-300ER and the flight from there to Amsterdam today was on a Boeing A380-800, and it was incredible to finally fly in these fancy planes (hi, Fred!).  I was being thrifty and went economy/coach, which wasn’t too bad, actually.  It, like anything, is what you make it.

Somewhere over the Persian Gulf
Somewhere over the Persian Gulf
Dutch countryside
Dutch countryside

A good guide book is worth its weight in gold, and I’ve been happy with mine (Rick Steves).  I read up on the Schiphol airport, so I was able to get around when I landed just fine, from baggage claim (yay, my bag made it!), through customs, to an ATM to get a stack of Euros, and to the Connexxion ticket counter to get a shuttle to my hotel.  It was pouring here this afternoon, so a walk from the train station would have been beyond what I was up for after so many hours in the air the last two days.

I got checked into my small little 17th century merchant house turned hotel on one of the canals in the west part of Amsterdam.  It has 9 rooms, on 3 floors, up very narrow and steep stairs, which I had read about plenty in all the planning leading up to visiting Europe, and it’s quite something to experience them in person.

Going up is more like climbing a ladder than stairs
Going up is more like climbing a ladder than stairs
Looking down
Looking down

This hotel has a resident cat, a Maine Coon, named Othello, and I of course made his acquaintance.

Othello the hotel cat

I ventured out into the wind and rain to briefly explore the neighborhood and find a good spot for dinner, and came across this amazing place in my wandering, which was an authentic Dutch restaurant.  I had a chiken schnitzel dish that was beyond.   Of all the places to wander into, a traditional Dutch restaurant was a perfect first meal here.  It’s impossible to describe the art of bike riding here — in person, it’s really a site to see.

I have two nights here and then head to Haarlem, which is about a 15 minute train ride, to meet up with my tour group and see more of the area.  Looking forward to more exploring tomorrow in this amazing city!

7 thoughts on “I amsterdam

  1. Oh, I do love Amsterdam and I’m so glad you do too!! It’s a beautiful, magical place. Also happy to already met some of the foreigners during your travels. My favorite part when traveling alone. Already beautiful photography and I’m enjoying your adventure. You write beautifully, Stacy. ❤ ❤

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