Holy Rome!

Just wow.  I don’t know where to begin to describe our time in Rome.  It’s a huge city, and two days is just barely scratching the surface, but we sure packed a lot into our short time here, from dozens of piazzas, statues, fountains, and monuments, to the more iconic sites:

– Colosseum
– Roman Forum
– Pantheon
– Vatican Museum
– Sistine Chapel
– St. Peter’s Basilica
– Spanish Steps
– Victor Emmanuel Monument, including the rooftop deck with views of the entire city

And amazing food throughout.

It’s everything you’ve heard and more — overwhelming beauty cloaked in organized chaos, sprinkled with street smarts and impeccable style, and a dollup of grit served in ancient history all around.  The mix of ancient and modern, harmoniously buzzing all around you, grounded by massive monuments and ornate architecture.

There is just no post that does it justice, and it’s late, so I’ll leave it with just this:  Experience it at least once in your life.  Magical.

Update 10/6: Finally able to upload photos!

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